Friday, 1 January 2010

How to Overcome Hack Facebook

Facebook is a public secret bagia anyone who wants to join. Whether used for business, games, or just a social event saja.tetapi the crackers (evil hackers title) to spammers and hackers destroyer (black hacker) who tries to make the destruction of the Facebook system. Apparently a lot of hacking methods used to trick the user (user) Facebook as recently happened, that is a false login page does (already closed). This impact on the takeover of Facebook accounts belonging to the trap (hacker) can have a bad impact and occurs even defamation of the original account owner.

To overcome the problem that the hack Facebook, Facebook team has provided a special section handling a Facebook account in the hack. Here the user (users) that have been hacked to send a message to Facebook about the problems that occur starting from the problem of scam, hacking, hacking prevention tips and more.


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